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Todos Santos (All Saints) is on the Pacific coast about 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. The village prospered during the last half of the 19th century & first half of the 20th century on sugar production & in 1850 there were eight sugar mills in the area. Now the rich farmlands have been re-worked & the town prospers from an abundance of Poblano chili farming, Avocado, Papaya & Mango orchards (and Organic Vegetables) Fishing & Ranching.

In recent years many Fine Artists, artisans & craftspeople have moved into the area. Todos Santos is becoming well-known as a Cultural & Artistic center. Here you will find a wide array of fabulous restaurants, shops, and quaint coffee shops to choose from. Todos Santos has surf for all levels, yoga classes, hiking, and many other activities th...Read More

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